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Aug 09 2009

Some Great Posters And Cartoons About People Who Question ObamaCare

This is just so much fun! The more I look, the more I find. It is obvious that the Obama administration is afraid that ObamaCare may go down in flames (as it should), just like HilaryCare went down in flames. Is health care reform needed? Yes. Is ObamaCare, where the government takes over an additional 1/7 of the entire economy, the solution? HELL NO!

Anyway, here is one great posters from “The Peoples Cube”. Go to their site and see all of the posters and cartoons on the subject of ObamaCare, and the people who feel that perhaps there is a better solution.


Aug 09 2009

New Health Care Bill Will Necessarily Limit Care To Elderly

I just read an excellent article in the opinions section of the Wall Street Journal, “Betsy McCaughey: GovernmentCare’s Assault on Seniors.” In it, she points out that funding for health care is essentially being cut, just when the rolls of eligible people will grow by 30% as the baby boomers reach the age of 65.  Also, it is clear by actions of the Congress that they intend to limit coverage for older people.

“The assault against seniors began with the stimulus package in February. Slipped into the bill was substantial funding for comparative effectiveness research, which is generally code for limiting care based on the patient’s age. Economists are familiar with the formula, where the cost of a treatment is divided by the number of years (called QALYs, or quality-adjusted life years) that the patient is likely to benefit. In Britain, the formula leads to denying treatments for older patients who have fewer years to benefit from care than younger patients.”

“When comparative effectiveness research appeared in the stimulus bill, Rep. Charles Boustany Jr., (R., La.) a heart surgeon, warned that it would lead to “denying seniors and the disabled lifesaving care.” He and Sen. Jon Kyl (R., Ariz.) proposed amendments to no avail that would have barred the federal government from using the research to eliminate treatments for the elderly or deny care based on age.”

Other problems with the bill revolve around the fact that the new legislation stresses preventative care. The problem is that many of the killer diseases are more genetically driven, rather than being behaviorally driven. Thus, prevention, while certainly a smart thing, will not solve the medical problems of seniors and soon-to-be seniors.  The bill also strives to shift care from specialists to generalists, ignoring the fact that generalists often misdiagnose or mistreat ailments that are properly diagnosed and treated by specialists.

The article goes on to include the fact that the new bill

“ensures that seniors are counseled on end-of-life options, including refusing nutrition where state law allows it (pp. 425-446). In Oregon, some cancer patients are being denied care by the state that could extend their lives and instead are afforded the benefit of physician-assisted suicide instead.”

To really understand the whole situation that will result from ObamaCare, you really only need to realize one simple fact, and ask yourself one question. Canada and many other nations now have socialized medicine. The only question you have to ask is: Where do people from these countries go when they need health care, after their systems fails them? Of course, you know the answer. They go to the United States. Now, ask yourself this question: Where will Americans go for health care after ObamaCare is introduced?

Go and read the whole article at:

Aug 08 2009

The Heritage Foundation Has Interesting Studies On Obama Care

The article at the Heritage Foundation is titled “Goodbye to Private Health Insurance”. After reading through the study that they commissioned , I have to agree. Not only that, but I see hospitals going bankrupt, or out of business. The plan is based on stripping hospitals of their margin. Thus, no profit. If a hospital cannot make a profit, why be in business. After all, many hospitals are owned by corporations. Corporations are in business to make money for their share holders. If they cannot make money for the share holders, the share holders will cease to own shares in the corporations.

Now, some might argue that hospitals should not be in business to make money. But, many are. If they cannot make money, they go bankrupt. If they go bankrupt, what is going to take up the slack? What entity is going to treat the sick? I am definitely glad that I am not going through medical school at the present time. I do not think the future looks bright for people in the medical field.

And, it is a shame. We all know that health care costs are out of control. I’ll go into that in a later posting. For now, if you want to know what ObamaCare is going to do to health care in the United States, go to the Heritage Foundation web site and read their material. They also have studies that examine the effects of H.R. 3200 on a few specific states. They are interesting.

To see the whole web site, go to .

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