Aug 28 2009

Why Does Barack Obama Need Civilian National Security Force?

Some great videos from Glenn Beck that explore this very troubling question, especially when you look at some of the recent appointments to his administration that I have written about earlier.
Part 1

Part 2

One Response to “Why Does Barack Obama Need Civilian National Security Force?”

  1. Clifford Brown says:

    Not related to health care and undermines credibility. Pres. Obama calls for same thing all serious military thinkers/leaders call for: improved capability and integration of civilian agencies in national security. National strategy requires integration of all instruments of national power. Think DIME: diplomacy, information, military and economy.
    Post WWII we forced all the military services to work together in new DoD. Now we need to integrate elements of State, Treasury, Commerce. Think Marshall Plan — military held ground, diplomats got Europeans on side, economic aid undercut communist movements in Western Europe.

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