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Aug 31 2009

Could Air France Flight 447 Have Been Brought Down By An Anal Bomb?

An interesting bit of news was released, today, by a Gulf news source. Gulf-Daily-News announced that the lunatic bomber that blew itself up, and injured Deputy Interior Minister Prince Mohammed bin Nayef, escaped detection, and received permission to fly on the Prince’s private jet, after he hid the bomb “in his anus”. If so, this would be a new technique, and could, obviously, make airport security screenings much more “difficult”. Personally, I consider it an affront that I have to take off my shoes before getting on a commercial airplane, because of the “shoe bomber”, but this could bring security inspections to a new low!

An interesting note is that Richard Reid, the “shoe bomber”, was apparently the second attempt at using a shoe bomb, according to several sources, including Yossef Bodansky. (1). In his book, “Chechan Jihad”, Bodansky stated that Mohammad Mansour Jabarah, aka Abderraouf Jdey, used a shoe bomb to bring down American Airlines flight 587, bound from JFK to the Dominican Republic. This crash occurred on November 12, 2001, two months after 9/11. In this crash, just like in the case of TWA 800, there were predictions of an “incident” by Islamists, and eye witness accounts were not consistent with the “official government findings” as to the cause of the crash. (2)

U.S. Intelligence received a threat specific to Veteran’s Day
Veteran’s Day fell on Sunday, November 11th (in 2001) and the holiday was observed on Monday the 12th, the day FL587

crashed.  Bill Gertz, writing for the Washington Times on November 13th, had this to say:

One intelligence official said a warning was sent to senior Bush administration officials last week stating that

unidentified terrorists were planning to carry out some type of mass attack on Nov. 11 – Veterans Day . . . the

intelligence report about the possible attack was specific enough to raise concerns, this official said.  A second U.S.

official confirmed that there were “some reports that something might happen in connection with Veterans Day”.

Of further interest, in light of Jabarah’s revelations about Jdey (the alleged FL587 shoe bomber), is this statement from


The warning originated in a North African nation that in the past had been associated with international terrorism.

Gertz did not identify the North African nation.  The alleged FL587 shoe bomber, Abderraouf Jdey, was known to Al Qaeda

as Farouk the Tunisian.  Tunisia is on the North African coast.  The link to North Africa from this pre-November 12th

intelligence along with the information about Farouk the Tunisian is interesting, and perhaps more than a coincidence.

In his book “Chechan Jihad”, Bodansky points out that the liquid explosives that were used to bring down 2 Russian airliners on  August 24, 2004, were probably the same explosives used to bring down American Airlines flight 587. (My comment: probably TWA 800, as well.)

An especially telling fact, brought out by Bodansky, Bill Gertz (2), and Professor Jonathan Turley in Testimony before the Subcommittee on Aviation, Committee on Transportation & Infrastructure (3), is that the FAA issued an information circular, on December 11, 2001, one month after the American Airlines flight 587 crash, but almost 2 weeks before Richard Reid’s attempted to bring down American Airlines flight 63, stressing that shoes should be inspected for possible weapons or devices. Sure, it could be pure coincidence, but I do not believe in coincidences. I think the government knew that American Airlines flight 587 was brought down by a bomb,and knew, or  speculated, that it might have been hidden in a shoe, and thus they issued that circular.

Interestingly, the FBI issued a BOLO for Jdey,, but he has not been found. (Of course, if he did blow up American Airlines flight 587, he would not be found. (DUH) They only know that he attended terrorist training camps in Afghanistan, and was in the lead for a second round of attacks, after 9/11. Some have even suggested that he might have been the person to plant the anthrax, which I find totally plausible. (5) He did create a “martyrdom video” in 2001, and he was reported to be on the second team for al Qaeda aerial attacks in 2001. Kaleid Sheik Mohammed basically gave up on the idea of a second wave of attacks after he realized that Arabs would be targeted after 9/11, and thus refused easy access to the United States for terrorism related activities.

So, now we have a Muslim wack job shoving explosives up his anus (I know, that is redundant), and blowing himself up. I’m not surprised. (And, there may even be documented “experiments” in the field of “Ass Bombs” , since a Muslim was caught a few years ago with a cell phone shoved up his ass. Was that a test run? (4)

Drug smugglers have been swallowing balloons with various drugs in them for years, in an effort to escape detection. I suppose hiding explosives in your body is the next logical step. I can only say that I have a pilot’s license, and thus don’t have to be subjected to airport security. To me, having to remove my shoes was humiliating enough, but I can only imagine what will be coming to airport screening in the future. I used to joke (and I think some airline actually tried it), that the solution was Nude-Air. Just get nude, and fasten your seat belt. Of course, this makes even that absurd, as a solution.

(1) “Chechan Jihad” by Jossef Bodansky





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